As we already implied above, another important part of the airplane and the Glass cockpit itself, are radios. They allow two-way communication between the airplane and ground, or another airplane. Without a proper, quality radio, it’s nearly impossible to operate in the modern world of aviation. Just as with GPS or maps. Radios


Another equipment that has proven to be very helpful in the cockpit, are modern transponders. It’s a component, that determines height, airplane identification, and some other vital flight information. Those state of the art transponders can determine and display many other information and thus adds to the overall safety and comfort during your flight.

Glass cockpit

Glass cockpit equipment, that’s several different airplane parts, such as powerful GPS systems, variometers, etc. In this case, it is always important to choose the correct device, for the exact purpose you need it for.


The basics of every inflight communication are radios. There are many different types, and each one of them requires different accessory that needs to be bought in addition to the radio itself. And which one is that? For example, different antennas, microphones, cables and other equipment for maintaining sufficient quality of transmission during inflight communication.

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